We offer a vast selection of binding and cover options that give your publication the desired look and feel.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information – our experienced staff will be glad to help you to select the solution that best fits your needs.

Thin paper really means thin paper.

We use only high-quality, totally wood free paper from reliable manufacturers mainly in Finland. The paper is based on 100 % chemical pulp and consists of no lignin to retain its color.

Both coated and uncoated white and cream grades are available with basis weights from 25 to 40 g/m². High whiteness enables extremely high print contrast and easy readability. In addition, special fillers create high opacity hence diminishing the risk of possible print through.

Thin paper is also a sustainable and economical choice – less paper is consumed and lighter and smaller end product means less warehousing and transportation costs.

Thin paper contributes to sustainability.

Choosing thin paper makes your end product lighter and smaller in size. This, in turn, will reduce logistics and warehousing costs and also helps you to diminish your environmental footprint.

Choose binding that fits your needs

When choosing the type of binding, you need to consider the function of the product and your budget.

Sewing is traditionally selected to give durability for thick books such as dictionaries and law books. Sewing is a complex and time-consuming process and thus it is a rather expensive choice. Most paperback or soft cover books are therefore usually bound using perfect binding.

To reach the excellent durability of sewing for a lower cost, we use a special polyurethane hot melt adhesive called PUR for perfect binding.

The thickness of PUR glue film is only 0,3 mm yet being an extremely strong solution with good unfolding characteristics. It has excellent heat and cold stability as well as solvent resistance. It is suitable for bookbinding with high technical requirements.

Personalize your book with our cover options and special finishing

To make your product both functional and unique, we offer a vast selection of different cover options: economical carton covers, hard and flexible covers made of polyurethane, vinyl and bonded leather, as well as genuine leather covers for the most luxurious products. All our materials meet REACH regulations.

For a special finishing, we can add ribbon markers, lamination or varnishing, or additional features such as boxes, shrink-wrapping, edge gliding and thumb indexing.


For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experienced staff will guide you though the different options and tailor a product that best fits your needs and budget.


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